calling all photographers ~

We are a beautiful little boutique studio near downtown Lacombe Alberta, Canada Co-op studios are becoming a thing, and we're excited to jump on board. After all, we're all just trying to succeed in this creative industry, let's support each other how and when we can!

Are you looking for a dedicated photography space? Short on full time funds for your own permanent space? My ground floor studio offers beautiful natural light, in addition to an area for studio lighting and backdrops. We also have a kitchenette area if you are booking for more than a few hours and need refrigeration for your project/event food/drinks. It's perfect for photography enthusiasts, content creators, film and video production, workshops and training sessions, branding photography, and even product photography.

a dress up set

Interested in booking your next rental here?

Please get in touch. We'll start with some details about how you need the space to look, perhaps you would like to come by for a visit to see if it's suitable? However we begin, let's start here >>>>>>>