Hi, it's me, your photographer :)

Marlene ~ Mom to two boys, and Nyx, a Coonhound. Wife to my high school sweetheart. I love sweets (maybe a little too much and trying to curb that. . .) and will never turn down a coffee. I love that I inherited my dads goofiness and my mom's caring heart. I am a mama bear to anyone I meet.

 Since the start of my photography career, (professionally since 2004) I have dreamed of making art for the walls of family homes. My dream art mostly includes family gatherings, because it's family who is most dear to my heart. Having experienced the loss of my mom in 2013 due to complications from MS and my dad's passing in 2019, who lived to the remarkable age of 99 but battled dementia toward the end, the significance of documenting families has deepened for me. These personal journeys have emphasized the importance of capturing and preserving the precious moments shared among loved ones, making the art of family documentation even more meaningful in my life.

My absolute favorite commissions are Mother and Child, Family, and Boudoir. When I'm not photographing, I am working on another accreditation or print competition image, both of which are through the PPOC. As a photographer's growth is very important, these challenging outlets allow me to continually push myself to grow and learn new methods of portrait-making.

I am a multi-award-winning member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (since 2007) and have received National Accreditations in Senior Graduation, Figure Study, Boudoir, Maternity, Newborn, Canine, Portrait, Environmental Portrait, Family Portrait and Child Portrait. In March of 2019, I achieved my Craftsman of Photographic Arts designation. In March of 2021 I received my Masters of Photographic Arts Designation. In July 2022, I became certified as a National Judge.

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Midge & Sisters

“My sisters and I were recently in the studio for a photo session. To say that we had fun is an understatement! We had a blast! Marlene made us so comfortable....and we look amazing in the photos! Thank you Marlene at Painted Light Studio! Have the best Christmas ever! ~ Midge Stolte”

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