To The Woman I See Today

I just recently, finally had the chance to meet and photograph Corrie. What they say is true, people come into your life when they are meant to, to teach you, to learn from you, whenever that is, it is the right time. We had been in contact much earlier but never had the chance to connect. When she walked into my studio I could tell I was going to learn something very, very valuable. However, this post is not about me. Read on to discover more about this amazing woman. (insert heart here. .. . . dammit where are my emojies??)

When I am 83 and not 53, I will look back at this woman I see today with admiration and

wish I could be so many aspects of her. The 83-year-old me would not be judging this

woman in the reflection criticizing that she has gained a few pounds or has a few

wrinkles and lines. She will be thinking, “I wish I appreciated and loved this version of

myself more.”

Hi all! I am Corrie Thorne-Cameron a woman with a passion and desire to guide other

women towards self discovery and a life of More Than Existing™️. I have spent 33

years in the beauty industry listening to women, their stories, and their desire to seek a

temporary satisfaction through a new hairdo in order to fulfill a temporary but necessary

satisfaction. I was working on the surface yet communicating and connecting to

something deeper as I looked into the reflection of others and saw the beauty they could

not see.

One day I caught a glimpse of myself in that mirror and what I saw shocked me.

Looking back was the image of a woman who was exhausted, overweight, unhappy and

in a premenopausal state. I instantly paused to take the reflection fully in and asked

myself some powerful question, “Is this life good enough for me? Who is this me, and

what am I hiding from myself?” The response came with tears and memories of my

ancestors, my true gifts, and all that made others leave my chair saying, “I don’t know

what you do but I feel so much better.”

In that moment I started to awaken to my abilities, my healing and my connection that

had never truly been lost but had not been cultivated and loved into existence. We are

taught early to hide or ignore the truth of our own authenticity and become like everyone

else. Taught to be of service to everyone else first and place yourself last. Conditioning

runs so deep!

I began to connect with spirit, the mystical magical world of possibilities. Everything I

denied of myself to be I somehow became in such an organic way that I knew God was

behind it all. As a child I was a kid with movies in my eyes and the personality of an old

soul. I had an imagination that was filled with dreams and possibilities, yet I was shy

and weirdly content to be by myself. I was the makings of something and someone of

the future who would eventually guide and teach others to discover their beauty, and

cultivate their light to glow outward, so they would no longer be filling up on temporary

satisfactions of lives lived to please the wants and desires of everyone else. Becoming

a mystic, writer, medium, spiritual & emotional teacher, healer, coach, was not in the

vision of the limited belief of living by the à la carte of choices offered by others.

I can honestly say that I had it all. I had the salon and spa, the staff, the thought of

achieving a dream, only to come to realize it didn’t take me any closer to happiness and

joy. It took me closer to ism’s, habits, and distractions. The belief of what a successful

woman would and should look like, and the sacrifices it would take, took me away from

being a mother and missing out on healthy relationships and the things that fill the heart.

Worst of all, I never let the real self out as I would become the character of what made

others comfortable, stealing the moments of joy away that I deeply craved.

Now the 53-year-old looks back at all versions of herself and says, “No more will you

miss the opportunities to truly be yourself!” There is something so powerful about living

your life all the way to the soul’s desires and living in the predetermined destiny. During

a time of one of my lowest moments I wrote a statement that would provide the fuel to

live to the fullest extent. I wrote, “I will find joy and happiness no matter the cost! I will

more than “just” exist!” There is power in breaking up with the self you believe you

should be and becoming curious to the thought of, “What if?”

What has awakened and transpired in my life led me to know that a life of being true to

myself doesn’t exhaust or deplete me. I wear the scar on my back, rods, and screws

from a spinal infusion surgery, to remind me that I will never again walk with the belief

that I have to sacrifice all of who I am to find my worth in only being available to others

and not available to live my life as magical as I choose it to be. I have discovered the

awe and the joy in the most ordinary of places as I now have time to enjoy the little

things in life that we tend to brush aside when we are too busy being somebody that

does not serve our soul. Today and everyday in my states of doing “nothing” grace

speaks to me, inspiring the inspiration of creativity or simply walks me to places of

meeting and greeting the spirit of another. The spirit in me greets the spirit in you, and if

it becomes a hug or a message that inspires another to never lose hope then my job is

done, and I feel the love and the joy. That’s the beauty of living on purpose and no

longer seeking validation and purpose.

Love, Corrie

Corrie Thorne-Cameron is the published author of More Than Existing, My Truth of

Existing Beyond the Reflection, Wine & Chips, and the Everyday Goddess Oracle

cards. She is also the founder of the More Than Existing Academy of Higher

Consciousness (an online Academy housing over 50 channeled teachings for self-

discovery, self-actualization, spiritual and emotional growth, and so much more). A self-

taught artist, mystic, medium, and most of all a woman with a passionate heart.