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Capture the uniqueness . . . .

of your graduate with our tailored portrait sessions. Our flexible print credit system ensures a personalized experience, allowing you to choose from premium products like albums, canvas prints, and metal prints. Your cherished moments are not only beautifully displayed but also preserved digitally with every print purchase.

Initiate your photography journey with a $150 session fee securing your spot. One week before your session, customize your package by choosing which investment level to add.

Travel fees, if applicable, are billed separately at $0.70 per kilometer.

Approximately two weeks post-session, join us for a personalized viewing session to select the perfect products for your unique memories. Make your photography experience memorable and tailored to your style. Book your session with us and let us capture your graduate's one-of-a-kind story.

Graduation Pricing & Packages


With our Standard investment level, enjoy a personalized 1-2 hour photoshoot at your chosen location, capturing beautiful images that showcase your unique style. This package suits those wishing to have some beautiful prints to commemorate your grad.



This package includes a personalized 2-3 hour photoshoot at your chosen location, capturing beautiful images that showcase your unique style. Perfect for an album filled with your beautiful images.



What does the session fee include?

Your session fee enables me to fully commit my day to you. This fee secures a time slot for the graduate's session and ensures that I am adequately prepared to capture high-quality images for you. It is distinct from any print credit packages or additional products, which allows flexibility for you to customize your photography experience based on your preferences and budget. You will however, possibly be surprised with a sneak peek or two delivered by text message :)

Can my family be included in my session?

Oh my goodness, the absolute answer is YES!! This is the perfect time to have everyone get dressed up in your graduation attire, and have that beautiful family portrait done. If you feel that a casual portrait would be more suitable, by all means, let's do that!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

You can absolutely extend your time, as I book just one session per day. (unless it is a Friends Session, in which case all attendees would have to be notified of the change)

What kind of gear do you use?

I have always been a Canon girl, with professional grade "L" lenses. The quality in your images depends on the glass used (lens). That's all I'll say about that, because it's not just about the gear, it's also about the commitment to excellence, quality, time learning the trade. In my almost 20 years of photographing professionally, I've only had less than a handful of people ask about my gear :)

Do I have to order prints through you?

Good question. . . the answer to that I feel should be yes, but it's totally up to you. When you hire a plumber, do you get him to drop off his tools and ask him if you can finish the job yourself?
I consider the print fulfilling part of my job to be one of the most time consuming aspects, as I am dealing with the lab for everything. I am your quality control. Also, when you order only digital files, you are putting yourself at risk of NEVER printing them. Or worse, LOSING those files. Your kids will thank you for the professionally printed images. I assure you.

What are your print prices?

My small prints (gift prints) start at $60 each. Albums start at $600. Canvas wall art starts at $269. As always, you also receive a complimentary digital file with each art print purchased.

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