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Thursday, May 10, 2018
By Marlene Palamarek
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Sometimes you meet people who change your path in life, just a little bit or help you to see things differently. Sometimes those people leave your life as quickly as they came into it. Whatever the reason, they were meant to be there, during a time you needed it most. It's funny how life seems to know when two people need to connect.


Something a little different for the blog, a guest post from the beautiful Jess ~


The first time I met Marlene was in January of 2017 after I reached out to her, seeing that she had an ad looking for a model for a specific boudoir photo shoot.  At the interview she welcomed me into her studio with her positive energy and a sweet smile on her face, and as I looked around seeing all the big lights, props and beautiful settings she had from her last shoot I thought…oh, Jess don’t screw this up… lol! In the interview, while asking questions, she was very professional but I could tell she had a fun side to her as well.  And as I explained myself to her about every scar that’s been left on my body from multiple life-threatening surgeries like…cardiac, IV infections, Chronic pain etc, I could tell she was willing to learn about my story.


A few days later I came back to her studio to do our very first shoot and I was a little nervous because it had been a while since my last shoot due to my medical journey. I wanted to make sure I put my 100% in because of how great a photographer she is... Well, I can say those nerves went right away as soon as I walked through those doors! She welcomed me with her sweet smile, positive vibes, music playing in the background and the biggest hug from this cutest little lady. Throughout the photo shoot we kept it very professional but then yet, she made sure we had lots of fun as well. She never asked me to pose a certain way to cover up my scars, if anything she wanted to embrace them.

She made me feel confident, sexy, elegant, classy and powerful, and I forgot about all the bad that’s happened in my life. I loved how she had her list of ideas and we would move from the one to the next and she is willing to go outside the box and make it have a much more creative side to it and make her own story for each photo. I like to call it the Marlene twist. She would also give me a little tip here and there like bring my lower jaw out more, embrace my collar bones, put more curve into my body etc. I can say it's nice working with a photographer who knows what they want.

After our shoot was done she told me how great I did and how much she appreciated me for my time and told me the photos would be sent to me as soon as possible, which was only a few hours later. I felt like crying with joy, she embraced my scars. Each photo had such an extreme meaning that from one to the next they would tell a story. They were exactly how I felt…confident, sexy, elegant, classy, powerful, fighter and a survivor. For once in a long time, I felt appreciated. Not long after posting these images on my IG many photographers reached out to me and my modeling journey began again.

Just a little over a year later seeing Marlene succeed and grow and I became pregnant with my beautiful son to be, we reached out to each other. When I told her the news of my pregnancy she was nothing but excited and so happy for me, full of questions to see how the baby and I were doing. This is what you get, you get a true friend who never forgets about you and lets you know that you are loved. We ended up arranging a date for us to get together and collaborate for a maternity photo shoot, after me having to re arrange a few times due to medical appointments or my power being out…lol which she was very patient about.

When I came through those doors it was the same as always but this time I was so excited to see my friend again and to start our next story. She did give me heck though for packing up my huge suitcase without asking for any help from her at 8 ½ months pregnant but couldn’t help herself, in awe of my pregnant belly. Can you feel her big heart yet? She had some extra outfits for me all lined up on the rack, showing me her ideas with excitement, turning up the music saying its time to start mamma! Through the photo shoot, she was very patient with me when it came to me having to go to the lady’s room, grab my juice, go wipe my sweaty face that she ended up happily doing every 5 minutes because of my crazy hormones lol. She also made sure I was comfortable with every pose that we did and that I felt like the most beautiful pregnant momma to be in the world. She also made sure to do the photo I requested which was the one with my open-heart surgery scar that’s connected to my pregnancy line on my belly that she also was excited to do. The amount of laughter, smiling and silliness I had during the time we where working together was so needed. And having those few hours with her to build another story together I am always thankful for. Marlene is not just another photographer, she is someone who’s passionate about holding her camera and making that photo of what she sees as beauty. And when you leave the studio, you will leave with a story that won’t be forgotten. It will be a story you will always remember, and you will also always remember the passion that Marlene has for her photography.  

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