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Monday, April 02, 2018
By Marlene Palamarek
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I used to have a special ringtone for when my oldest son called me, it was a male voice, saying mom, mommy, mama,(I'm sure you've all heard it!)  . . . and it made me laugh just hearing it. It was how he himself would call for me in the house, and so it made sense to use it as a ringtone. We do these funny things to either make us feel good, remind us of our children, or just because it's less annoying than a regular ringing phone. (or maybe more? lol). Ahhhh I love being a mom. Some days are better than others, and of course, we are all our own worst critics when it comes to pretty much anything, especially raising our kids. Did I raise them right? Are they going to be good people? Make good choices? Do they listen to my words of wisdom AT ALL????  Are they going to take care of their mama when she is old and gray?? ( <<<< I think about this one a lot, lol)  I was at Parent/Student/Teacher interviews with my youngest son not long ago, and I have great hope that he will be the one to take care of his aging parents. The other one will be too busy touring the world with his bicycle :)  All is good when there's hope, right?  

So speaking of kids and moms. . .

 Have you thought about what you might give to the matriarch of your family for Mothers Day?  And if you ARE the matriarch, then what would YOU love, more than anything, this year from your family? When was the last time you were photographed with your children? I mean a real, professional portrait. Where great care was taken to ensure you looked your best? Have you EVER been in front of the camera? If you read my post about International Women's Day you would know my view on the importance of having portraits to hand down to your children. 

There really is no time like the present. .we've got a new set in the studio and, if you purchase your session between now and April 30th (doesn't have to be used by April 30th), you will save $120 off regular pricing!!

You can purchase a session for $300+gst by going HERE and filling out the form to contact me. You will then be sent an invoice payable by credit card or I also accept e-transfers. Click on the first photo below to get the details!! And then check out some other happy mama's who have graced my studio with their beautiful presence. Oh, how I love my job!!! Look at those smiles!!!


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