A Rosie Cake Smash!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
By Marlene Palamarek
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So I was actually waiting for my bookeeper (Bornne Bookkeeping) while creating this blog post. My bookkeeper is actually little Rose's mama, and she has MADE MY LIFE SANE in the short time she has been part of my business. Anyhow, just a sweet little plug there ;)   If you don't use a bookkeeper, and your books are a mess, Chantelle can help you become sane again. :)  Oh, and Chantelle, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the appearance of an informational blog from you!! :)

On with my reason for this post!! :)  Red Deer Cake Smash, Lacombe Cake Smash Photographer

So I realized I had not blogged this session yet, and I'm not really sure why, but I'm gonna go with "too busy" as my excuse. Seriously though, I think cake smash sessions have got to be the most hilarious sessions ever. Your child may not have had any sweet cake before, and this session (with the cake that YOU provide) may bring out a whole different side to your ONE year old, a side that you have not yet seen. This usually has both the parents, and I, in stitches the entire time. 

As you can see from the images, we start out in a beautiful formal outfit (or if formal is not your thing, any 1st birthday suit will do, even JUST their birthday suit if you so desire). Then we move onto the cake portion of the session. (this particular one was made by the talented Karlee McNabb ) This is part one of the fun really. Or depending on your child, can be a great snack for mom and dad because he/she will have none of the cake!! lol.  Things can get pretty messy so we like to pull out the claw foot tub to clean up as our last portion of the session. Obviously, this makes for some pretty adorable moments, and honestly, what mom DOESN'T want pictures of her sweet little in the tub?? 


So a little Q&A for you. . .


Why don't I provide the cake for the sessions?  Simple. Allergies. So many kids have allergies these days, and unless I get all personal with you beforehand, there's no guarantee that your child wouldn't react to an ingredient. It's a safe guard for both you and me. 

What if I don't want to do the tub portion of the session?  Totally fine! I have towels and such to help the cleaning process. But I've also never had a parent decline the tub, extra pictures to choose from!!! :) 

What if my child is sick the morning of the session?  Please call to reschedule. Honestly, I know life happens. I've had small children and I know how last minute these things happen. 

Do I have to have a fancy outfit or can you provide something?  No fancy outfit needed, just something that fits well and is comfortable for your child. We can plan that before your session if you need some guidance. 

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