It all starts here. . . and there's nothing better than that fresh newborn smell. . . The 9 months leading up to it can be amazing (at least they were for me, both times), and having images to document this time in your life, however you want to be portrayed, might mean the world to your little one down the road. Not to mention the stories you could tell him/her about how you felt as they kicked and punched you from the inside :)  Looking at pictures helps you to tell the story, or remember one! Those 9 months, as well as the next 18 years, goes by seemingly in an instant. The flutters are forgotten when the diaper counting begins. . .

About our maternity sessions ~ I love to shoot outdoors when possible, but also love the comfort of my studio and/or your own home for those editorial feel images. Anythings possible! :)  We do also stock outfits for your use if you want something more dramatic.

If you want something less studio like and more intimate and nurturing, our newborn sessions can be done at your home, (just think, you wouldn't have to pack up baby) I'm really loving the look and feel of the "at home" (lifestyle newborn) sessions.  If that's not your thing, or your home isn't suitable for an in-home session, our studio is nice and large, comfortably furnished, with beautiful light, and you may even catch a nap while there, as we have a full time bed set up. I kid you not, I've had parents nap while photographing their newborn! It's awesome!! :)  We also stock a supply of infant outfits, wraps, headbands, etc.